Minneapolis Woman Transforms Her Cubicle Into a Christmas Log Cabin

Angela Westfield, 29, transformed her cubicle at the W Minneapolis into a log cabin wonderland. (PHOTO: Angela Westfield/W Minneapolis)

A Minnesota woman has just revamped the cubicle decoration game for office workers everywhere by transforming her desk into a log cabin Christmas wonderland.

29-year-old Angela Westfield entered work to a standing ovation Monday from her coworkers who were surprised by the sight of her desk disguised as a cozy log cabin. Inside was complete with fake snow, white lights, stockings, at least one Christmas tree and a Christmas village inside.

Coworkers admitted to using swear words to express their shock and awe when they saw it.

“They couldn’t believe it,” Westfield said of her fellow sales team members at the W Hotel Minneapolis.

Westfield has been planning for the past month, when her sales division announced that they would hold their first-ever cubicle decorating competition.

Westfield, 29, transformed her cubicle at the W Minneapolis into a log cabin wonderland. (PHOTO: Angela Westfield/W Minneapolis)

“I came up with the log cabin and just kept googling to see what I could make logs out of,” she said.

Westfield employed her husband Alex for help, who works in construction and enjoys do-it-yourself projects as much as his wife.

Together, the pair found a carpet store that had enough empty carpet rolls to make a cubicle log cabin.

With carpet rolls in hand, the Maple Grove, Minn., couple set up shop in the garage of Westfield’s uncle, after realizing that their apartment would not have enough space.

“We had to use a saw to cut the carpet rolls down, they were about 15 feet originally,” said Westfield. “We had measured the cubicle so we made a template and the cut notches out of the top and bottom of each roll.”

Westfield’s mother, described by her daughter as a Christmas fanatic, heard of her daughter’s plans and contributed leftover family decorations like the Christmas village, the tree that decorated the cabin’s inside and the stockings outside.

“We did it all pretty much for free. The roof is tar paper that my husband had left over from a construction site,” Westfield said. “The only thing we bought was the fake snow for the top and I bought a picture frame that I turned into a window,” she said.

Westfield described her remodeled work space in the cabinas “cozy” and “fun” and surprisingly well-lit thanks to the lights of the Christmas village, the tree and the yule log fire screen saver on one of her two computer screens.

“It feels pretty legit,” she said.

The deadline for the cubicle competition was originally set for Monday. However, the competition was extended two extra days so that Westfield’s now-inspired colleagues could give it another shot.

“We have a Candyland theme and a cubicle decorated as a present,” Westfield said of her competition. “There’s also one that has fake stairway on the back wall with stockings and another that turned a large-screen TV into a mantle.”

The winner, and surprise prize, will be announced later today.

Each of the hotel’s roughly 100 employees is eligible to vote.

Westfield’s cubicle has proven so popular among employees, that the hotel is now allowing guests to go into the sales offices to view it.

“We’re so happy that we’ve been able to spread the Christmas cheer,” she said.

Westfield, whose own home is decorated a bit less extravagantly with just the usual tree and stockings, said her bosses at the W Hotel have already announced the cubicle decorating competition will become an annual event.

“It’s brought our team closer together and been a ton of fun for the whole hotel,” Westfield said.

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