Dominion Virginia Power Energy Share Program Helps Those in Need

Customers can help other customers by donating to the Energy Share Program. (Photo:


Dominion Virginia Power’s Energy Share Program is a way for its customers and employees to help those who are having trouble paying their bill.

Virginia Durrette started having trouble paying for propane gas to heat for the home two years ago. A family member told her to call CatholicCharities for help.

“They were really good to me,” said Durrette. “They told me they would give me one tank because I have a big tank. And they said they would do it one time and they did.”

This grandmother received 100 gallons of propane gas to heat the home she’s lived in for 50 years last year and this year.  Catholic Charities is just one of 65 agencies throughout Virginia that receives money from Dominion Virginia Power’s Energy Share Program.

“Our customers have generated more than three-quarters of a million dollars,” said Rita Randolph of Dominion. “Dominion has donated $1.6 million to the program and our employees have with $75,000 each year.”

Dominion customers can give by adding as little as a $1 to their bill payments. That extra money then goes toward the Energy Share Program.

The program is offered to customers all year. And any customer can apply.

“We really don’t have set guideline, like if you make a certain amount with a certain amount of people in the house, we don’t have set guideline like that,” said Aliyyah Ali, a Salvation Army case worker.  “We just go off income and expenses. If they are experiencing anything like a crisis situation, they just lost a job, stuff like that.”

Customers can apply for assistance once in the winter and once in the summer.

For those who would like to donate, if you are a Dominion Virginia Power customer simply add $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, or $35 to the amount due on your bill. Overpayments in these exact amounts are automatically recognized as a contribution and will be documented on your next bill. Or, mail a check for any amount (made payable to “EnergyShare”) to EnergyShare, P.O. Box 91717, Richmond, VA 23291-9717.




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