Columbia Journalism School to Review Rolling Stone Article

(File photo/AP)

After The Washington Post and several other media outlets began questioning the accuracy of details in an article alleging a brutal rape at UVA, the Columbia Journalism School will review the editorial process, according to the magazine’s editor.

The November article featured a graphic account of a gang rape by a young woman dubbed “Jackie.” It generated worldwide attention, with organizations and lawmakers calling for stricter measures for how sexual assaults are handled on college campuses.

Weeks later, Rolling Stone backed away from the story, after reports questioned Jackie’s account of what happened that night.

In a statement released Monday, Rolling Stone’s editor Jann S. Wenner said: “We have asked the Columbia Journalism School to conduct an independent review – headed by Dean Steve Coll and Dean of Academic Affairs Shelia Coronel – of the editorial process that led to the publication of this story. As soon as they are finished, we will publish their report.”

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1 thought on “Columbia Journalism School to Review Rolling Stone Article

  1. This is fine, as long as they learn how an interview of a rape victim should be handled. Such as, taking into account the way in which trauma affects the brain making it difficult to remember the chronology of the event, etc. If they fixate on ‘accuracy’ of ‘facts’, they may just perpetuate the problems rape victims have in getting help and being believed. The Rolling Stone did a huge injustice when they printed an apology that included a judgement that they couldn’t trust her story. They should have apologized and left it at that, rather than hanging Jackie out to dry – particularly when whoever judged that they couldn’t trust her didn’t understand the first thing about the effects of trauma. Had that person took some time to understand the issues behind rape and trauma, they would have expected her to provide a story that was incoherent. Maybe they should have hired a therapist who deals with sexual abuse to interview her rather than trying to tackle it themselves to achieve what they thought they did. But rendering a judgement as they did, in the manner that is was done was completely unprofessional.


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