Woman Gives Fast Food Worker Her Mink Coat as Surprise Tip

Cheryl Semein got an unexpected thrill when a customer handed over her mink coat. (PHOTO: ABC News/KTRK)

A fast food cashier got the tip of a lifetime when a customer handed over her mink coat through the drive thru window.

“I almost passed out, for real,” cashier Cheryl Semien told ABC News.

Semien said that she complimented the woman’s coat and then, an instant later, the woman handed it over without another thought.

“She was a perfect stranger, I didn’t know this lady from nowhere,” Semien said.

The coat is made of real mink fur and is estimated to cost around $10,000, according to ABC-owned station KTRK.

The generous customer, who identified herself as Nadine, confirmed that she handed over her coat,  not because Semein asked for it but because, “I do fun things. It makes me happy!”

This particular fun thing made the recipient very happy as well.

“It feels good, it feels good. It feel real really good,” Semien said. “I like it too. Match my Whataburger clothes huh?”

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