Dads Buy School Crossing Guard New Car After His Is Repossessed

Nathaniel Kendrick, a crossing guard at Lakewood Elementary School in Dallas Texas, recently fell on some tough times, struggling to keep his finances afloat while taking care of his sick wife.

“My mother told me long before she passed, ‘Take care of your wife.’ So I try my best,” Kendrick told WFAA.

Luckily, a group of dads from the ‘Friends of Lakewood’ community organization came to the crossing guard’s aid to help Kendrick out by buying him a new car.

“What we decided to do was to get in the car, pull it around the corner, and park it in the middle of the crosswalk … nobody does that,” Russell McMillan, one of the organizers of surprise act of generosity.

Kendrick was initially confused by the gesture, thinking the gifted vehicle belonged to someone else.

“He’s asking us to move the car, and I’m going, ‘Well, it’s your car… why don’t you move it?” Kendrick told WFAA.

Kendrick was overcome with emotion after he realized the car was for him.

“Everything is good, I love y’all,” Kendrick said.

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