Chesterfield Police Investigate Air Jordan Scam

A man pretending to work at The Source is promising customers he can get them a pair of these new Air Jordan Restro XI shoes.

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A man posing as a shoe store employee is promising people they can get a pair of new Air Jordans. Police are investigating, and community members are furious.

The Air Jordan Retro XI Legend Blues come out Saturday for the retail price of $200.

“You’ve got people across the country standing in lines…just for the tickets, not even for the shoes,” said Chris Northington, the marketing director for The Source House of Shoes.

But in Chesterfield, people are getting scammed–trying to get a pair.

“This is the most highly anticipated shoe of the year,” said Northington.

Northington says the man behind the scam is a former employee, who was fired for fraud.
He’s pretending to still work at the store, promising customers he can get them the shoes.

“He’s saying, ‘You pay me the money, and here’s a ticket. All you have to do is go to The Source to claim your shoes,’” explained Northington.

The crook has used Instagram and text messages, charging $50  for men’s size and $40  for kids.
Most people paid him in cash. Customer Kendric Robinson was one of them.

“Of course you’re going to want to pay up front to guarantee them. Some people don’t want to have to wake up early in the morning or wait in line, and I’m not fighting nobody over no shoes, so if I want something, I’ll just put a down payment on it,” he said.

Robinson lost $300 in total in the scam. He’s just one of almost a dozen customers who have come in to the store with a so-called voucher to claim their shoes.

“I’m very upset. The money is a big deal because I work hard for my money. And I feel extra bad because I sent my family to him, and want my shoes,” said Robinson.

“It’s very unfortunate that this time of year people are being taken advantage of. We’ve got people coming in saying these were for their kids and now they don’t have Christmas money,” said Northington.

Many places let you reserve shoes or enter a raffle, but Northington says you should always contact the retailer directly.

If you think you’ve been a victim of the scam, you can contact Chesterfield Police at 804-748-1269.

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1 thought on “Chesterfield Police Investigate Air Jordan Scam

  1. I hate to see people being scammed, but I have a hard time being sympathetic towards people stupid enough to pay $200 for a pair of athletic shoes whose only claim to fame is that they have an athletic star’s name attached to them!


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