Police Urge Residents to Sign-Up For Free Service, Project Lifesaver

Within the last month, Henrico County has dealt with seven missing persons cases.  As a result, first responders are urging citizens to sign up for a free program that could help find people more quickly.

The program is called Project Lifesaver. As part of the program, a device uses GPS tracking and is ideal for people who tend to wander away from home. People on the autism spectrum or even adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s can sign up.

Amy Case is a Chesterfield mother who signed up for the program after her son who has autism disappeared twice.

“It’s terribly frightening. I just think of him being out there by himself and not being able to say who he is and where he needs to be, or what he needs or what he wants, it’s just terrifying,” says Case

Henrico County, Richmond, Chesterfield County and Petersburg all participate in the program.

“It’s very beneficial,” says Lieutenant Michael McGuire with the Henrico County fire department. “When you get people that wander off, there is some profiles that we can use to narrow our search down, but especially if they are gone three or four hours, that’s a huge area that they could be. If they have a bracelet on and we are able to track them, we can narrow that down much quicker.”

Henrico County pays for the initial cost of $300.00 and after that, families only have to pay $10.00 for a battery every two months.

“The process is fairly quick. It could take a couple of days or it could happen that day,” Sgt. Patrick Duke with the Henrico County sheriff’s office told 8News anchor Ava-joye Burnett.

If you would like more information on if this program is offered in your area, contact your sheriff’s office. We’ve added the contact information for a few of those jurisdictions below.

Petersburg: 804-733-2369

Henrico County: 804-501-5860

Chesterfield County: 804-318-8549

Richmond: Please email jerry.baldwin@richmondgov.com

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