Rebate Apps Could Save You More Dough At The Store

Everyone has heard about rebates for big purchases like electronics and tires, but did you know you can get cash back on everyday items, too?

You’re headed to the store to do some last minute Christmas shopping or maybe stock up for a holiday party. You want to save some money, but you don’t want to deal with any coupons.

Good news, though: You can still save cash without ever clipping a coupon.

“I cashed in over $600 for my Christmas presents.”

Savings class teacher Kimberly Mullenax got all that cash back with just a few clicks.

The key is to look for and use rebate apps like “Ibotta” or “Savings Star.” With these apps, you redeem available rebates by learning something about the product.

“You can find out where products are manufactured, how they are manufactured, sometimes they offer a recipe.”

Ibotta CEO Bryan Leach says that the money earned comes directly from manufacturers to your Paypal account.

“They’re essentially saying I’m willing to give you a reward if you’re willing to learn a little bit about our product, become a loyal customer, and actually buy or try our product.”

8News investigative reporter Amanda Malkowski spent the day shopping with the app to see what she could save.


No need to tell the app what store you’re in. Most stores have an app of their own that you can use in addition to rebate apps.

Target has its own rebate app, named “Cartwheel.”

“We want our guests to stack as much as they can to save,” Marc Monteleone, a Target store team leader said.

To get the cash back, Mullenax just opens each app, takes a picture of our receipt and scans the products bar codes.

There are a number of other rebate apps out there, as well. To see if they’re worth your time, visit your phone’s app store and check out the ratings. Go for the apps with a lot of reviews and at least three stars.

“I would stick with ones that are true and have been proven.”

If you’re more of an online shopper, be sure to tune in tonight at 11:00. Amanda will show you how to get cash back on all your purchases.

Watch 8News at 11:00 for more on this story.

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