Panda Triplets Named, Serenaded by Famous Pianist

The world's only panda triplets were named this week. (PHOTO: ABC News)

The world’s only set of giant panda triplets born over the summer were finally named this week at a ceremony as they were serenaded by a pianist named the “Panda Ambassador.”

Li Yundi, also named the “Panda Ambassador,” played melodies for the three panda cubs Monday at China’s Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park.

In addition to the music, the ceremony was a chance for park officials to announce the new names of the triplets, voted on by an international audience: Mengmeng, Shuaishuai and Kuku.

Mengmeng, meaning “cute,” is the name of the oldest panda triplet, a girl. Her brothers’ names stand for “handsome,” for Shuaishuai, and “cool,” for Kuku, according to CCTV.eebfb3d0-861a-11e4-a539-fb74d65de226_AP_panda_ml_141217_1_16x9_608

“The names were chosen to reflect each cub’s characters,” Dong Guixin, the park’s general manager, told CCTV. “These names are popular, and we hope the panda cubs will grow healthier.”

The same week the panda triplets made waves, a panda in Scotland celebrated the upcoming holidays.

Officials at Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo baked a special cake in the shape of a Christmas tree for their panda, Tian Tian. The cake was drizzled with honey to make it even more delectable.

Photos show Tian Tian, on loan to the zoo from China, starting with the star on top of the tree and then quickly devouring the festive treat.

“The special Christmas panda cake will contain all the same ingredients as the cakes I regularly bake from scratch right here at the zoo,” panda keeper Alison Maclean told The Herald newspaper. “We are lucky to have been gifted this recipe from our colleagues in China as it supplements a vital part of the giant panda’s natural diet.”

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