Anonymous Secret Santa Surprises Fast Food Employees with Cash

Secret Santa Anonymously Gifts $100 Bills to Fast Food Employees (Photo: ABC News)

Christmas came early for a number of fast food workers in Massachusetts recently.

An unknown man dressed as Santa Claus made his way around the community of Hyannis dropping off $100 bills with employees at area fast food chains including Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and Hess.

When the anonymous Santa entered the Dunkin Donuts, he asked the manager, Karen Sanguedolce, how many employees were on staff at her store. She replied 19.

“He gave me 19 envelopes with $100 bills in them for all my employees,” Sanguedolce said. “I was shocked. He was so nice about it, so pleasant. He counted out 19 envelopes and said, ‘I hope you all have a nice holiday.'”

Sanguedolce said part of the reason she was shocked is because no one knows who the gifter is.

“This was the first time I’ve met him,” she said. “He was in his late 70s, early 80s.

“We were all shocked and flabbergasted.”

Sanguedolce added that, for at least the past two years, the same man has delivered $50 to employees around town.

She wasn’t sure why he upped the ante this year, but she was both appreciative and inspired by the man’s generosity.

“We all use it toward monthly bills or shopping for family and friends,” Sanguedolce said. “I bought toys for a local charity. What he did for me I did for other people.”

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