8News Investigates: Woman Calls On City to Remove Old Trees

For over a year, 78-year-old Marie Hart says she's asked city leaders to do something about old trees in front of her home.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) –A senior citizen is worried for her safety because of old trees in front of her house.

For over a year, 78-year-old Marie Hart says she’s asked city leaders to do something about the problem.

“Y’all waiting for an accident to happen,” said Hart to city leaders. “You need to come and do something with these trees.

She’s talking about two trees in front of her house on Kelrae Drive. They’re on city property and have been here over 40 years.

So has Marie. But now, the long, large tree roots are causing big problems.

“They’re not good to me cause I’m stumbling and falling,” said Hart. “I fell the other night and hurt my knee.”

From the street you can clearly see the tree roots and they continue all throughout the yard. Just a few feet away from the front door roots are popping up out of the ground.

“I have a daughter that has M.S. and when she parks she has to be careful not to stumble,” said Hart.

Marie’s asked the city to remove the trees.

Workers have agreed but it will cost her over $7000. That’s because Richmond’s tree policy mandates that when healthy trees are taken out, other trees must be paid for and planted in their place.

“I have to replace 29 trees for them taking the trees down because the trees are good,” said Hart. “I say they aren’t good to me.”

Marie’s been to City Council meeting six times begging for some help and leaders agree there’s a problem.

“Those roots are could be up under her house,” Councilwoman Reva Trammell said. “That’s gonna eventually mess up her plumbing and all that underneath the house.”

Just this week, the city’s interim Chief Administrative Officer publicly promised to do something.

“I will make a commitment to personally go out with our arborist and the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and we’ll take a look at this,” said Interim Chief Administrative Officer Chris Beschler.

8News will follow up and let you know what happens with Marie’s situation.

Stay with us for more.

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