Parents Ask What’s Being Done In Wake of Football Player’s Death

Concerns are being raised after the cause of death for a Mecklenburg County football player was revealed to be blunt force trauma to the head. Jamond Salley died last week after walking to the sidelines.

We spoke to parents who didn’t want to appear on camera but told us they were concerned about what precautions were being taken before players return to the field for the first time since Salley’s death on Monday. We went to the school system looking for answers. They sent us this statement about players and the equipment the team uses.

Mecklenburg County Public Schools (MCPS) continues to mourn the loss of student, Jamond Salley, a junior at Park View High School and a member of the varsity football team. Park View High School rescheduled tonight’s game against Surry County High School to Monday, October 26, 2014 with a start time of 5:00pm.

As the team resumed practice this week, the coaching staff continued standard safety practice procedures. MCPS athletic programs routinely teach and practice safety. Proper training, including safe tackling drills is emphasized in preseason and in weekly drills during the season. In addition, players are required to take the Heads Up Concussion Training prior to the season.

The coaching staff maintains equipment on a regular basis, and replaces or repairs approved equipment for the athletes. As standard procedure, helmets are evaluated each season. Athletic Reconditioning Inc. out of Newton, NC came to Park View High School prior to this season to evaluate all helmets.

Five helmets were rejected and no longer in use. Twenty-five were reconditioned. The school purchased twenty-four new helmets. Jamond was issued and wearing a newly purchased helmet. Proper fitting of helmets takes place at the beginning of each season, and through requested checks during the season.

Meanwhile Salley’s funeral will be held Saturday in Chase City.

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