Fire Officials: Child Who Died in Fire Found Strapped in Car Seat

Disturbing details about that fatal fire at a Chesterfield daycare.

8News has learned that when firefighters discovered the one-year-old victim Joseph Allen in a second floor bedroom, he was strapped into his car seat carrier.

A report from the Chesterfield Fire Department indicates that the first time crews searched the home’s second floor, smoke from the fire caused “zero visibility with moderate heat conditions.”

Once the fire was out, they searched again and “immediately found a car seat/carrier upside down, when turned over a child was found strapped in.”

Firefighters rushed Joseph out of the home and to a waiting ambulance.

As to how the daycare owner forgot she was caring for Joseph, there was definite confusion at the scene.

The report states “At first she was sure that she was only taking care of seven. We informed her that with the child that was transported to the hospital we counted eight children. I had her write a list of all the kids and we found paperwork that listed all the kids in her care. Between the paperwork and her list, we counted ten children.”

A family cat also died in the blaze.

Investigators still don’t know what caused the fire.

As the family mourns the loss of Allen, a GoFundMe account for the funeral expenses of little Joseph was fully funded in less than one day. At last check, the page has received over $19,000 in donations.

The funeral for Allen is tomorrow at noon at Saint Gabriel’s Catholic Church.

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