New Jersey Cook Charged After Allegedly Spitting in Patron’s Food

MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. — A cook at a restaurant in New Jersey is facing charges after he allegedly spit in a customer’s food.

John Stagg, 32, was an employee at Kennedy’s Pub in Mount Olive. He was arrested Sunday night after a co-worker contacted police to report multiple health violations, including the chef of the pub spitting on a dish that a customer had sent back for being undercooked.

After being interviewed, Stagg was taken into custody and charged with tampering with food or drug product and disorderly conduct.

The victim, a 51-year-old Lake Hopatcong resident, was contacted and notified of the incident.

Stagg was released on his own recognizance and he has a pending court appearance.

The restaurant manager tells Eyewitness News that as soon as she found out what happened, she got rid of everyone working in the kitchen.

Stagg had only been there about two months.

Copyright 2014 ABC News

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