Amazon says they’ve made changes to avoid traffic in Chester

In the next few weeks, thousands of additional cars will be rolling through some neighborhoods in Chester, Va. However, residents are very concerned about the change.

The Amazon distribution center off Meadowville Technology Parkway will be hiring thousands of extra workers for the holiday rush. Police say that could be an additional 6,000 cars in that area every day.

“Last year, the traffic was heavy,” says Issac Johnson, a resident in the area. “They were lined up, cars, were lined up from there all the way down to the store,” he says.

The company has been working with Chesterfield County police, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the economic development office to avoid a repeat of the traffic mess from last year.

Trucks will have to follow a new route at the facility, workers can no longer be dropped off in the roadway, drivers will be directed to 295 and more police will be in the area.

“Amazon will be hiring nine police officers to direct traffic, four in the morning and five in the evenings at their shift changes,” says Captain David Shand with Chesterfield County police.

VDOT will be installing a traffic signal at one of the intersections in the area. You can also expect to see some traffic boards that will let people know where they should go. Some of these changes will be implemented by Mid November.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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