Texas School Rallies for Teen Who Lost Mom to Cancer

A Garland, Texas, community is rallying around one of its own these days after Naaman Forest High School student Dandric Piolet, 17, lost his mother to cancer last week.

The heartbreaking news came one day before Piolet, a captain on the football team, was supposed to suit up for the game. But what happened on that football field amid the Friday night lights is something many in the community — and the two schools that played each other — will never forget. These amazing social media images tell the tale.

Fox4 News in Houston reports when Piolet found out his mother had succumbed to cancer, he posted this message on Instagram Thursday night: “Just letting this all sink in right now. Coming home and finding the woman who breaks her back and struggles day to day to take care of me dead.”

Piolet later tweeted, “Everyone go home and let your mom know you love her she can be here today and gone the next I never even could think this would happen.”

Piolet went to school the next day. Unprompted by school teachers or coaches, Piolet’s classmates, many of them teammates, filled the hallway Friday and prayed for their friend. The powerful image circulated online days and even made it to the front page of Reddit.

At the game, fans held up signs of solidarity for Piolet and his late mother, Tasha, Fox4 News reports. On Twitter and Facebook, numerous messages of support continue to pour in for Piolet, a senior.

To top it off, even fans from the other team showed support, painting Piolet’s jersey number on their bodies.

Dandric Piolet, like Naaman Forest High School and the surrounding communities, we’re cheering for you!

Copyright 2014 ABC News

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