8News Daytrippers: The Science Musuem of Virginia

Welcome to the science museum of Virginia, the location of this week’s 8News Daytrippers, fun for all ages and you get to learn about 8News Meterorolgist Tim Pandajis’ favorite subject, science.

The mission of the museum is to inspire Virginians to enrich their lives through science, and folks that is exactly what you get from the moment you step foot inside this building, which by the way is the historic former train station for the city.

“It’s a great daytrip location, we are in a beautiful historic building, the old train station of Richmond, Virginia, we have some awesome historic trains out back, tons of things going on, lots of activities, constantly traveling exhibits,” said museum official Kelly Abbott.

There is even an exhibit that teaches you about the weather with a fully functional video driven globe that details, not only, the weather patterns on earth but planets across the solar system as well. Several new exhibits have either just recently opened or are opening in the coming months, it’s a very exciting time at the museum and they are eager to show you what’s here.

They also emphasize a healthy lifestyle at ‘boost’ and to help you obtain that there are cooking demonstrations to show how to prepare healthy meals and snacks!

The museum also features a new piece of technology called “digistar,” which gives you real-time data as you travel through the universe. It’s also the largest movie screen in the state of Virginia. It is one of the biggest attractions at the museum, not only is it state-of-the-art, but it gives you a totally unique learning experience with several different presentations shown throughout the day from flying through the universe to feature films, it is bound to amaze any visitor.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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