Racist Clown Fired After Taunting African-American Family

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC/CNN) – What should have been a fun outing for the family ended suddenly when a clown working a dunk tank attraction began making racist comments.

“We heard over the loud speaker someone said ‘Hey nappy head.’ When we heard that we looked at each other because we didn’t know who they were talking to,” Tanya Jones said to CNN affiliate WMC.

She was shocked at what she heard.

“He was like ‘yeah I’m talking to you, Sheneneh.’ He was like ‘you look unbeweavable’,” Jones said.

The clown at the Delta fair continued to make comments. Mark Curry said he heard the clown say: “You got cheap weave, you must have got it from the Dollar Tree.”

The family was supposed to enjoying a nice day together but, instead, was offended by the words they were hearing from the clown.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” Jones said. “I was really humiliated, I think, humiliated.”

“I feel really disrespected, you know, because I’m out here with my wife and my children,” Curry said.

There were signs around the attraction that said that clown would be making comments in an effort to lure people to the tank. The family thinks the insults crossed the line.

Fair operators agreed and fired the clown while giving the family a refund of the admission fee, totally over $100.

Mark Lovell/President, Delta Fair: “We try to promote the Delta Fair as clean, safe and family friendly, and then when you have this guy making comments… we try to keep the comments funny, but without sexual connotations or without racial connotations.”

A new clown has taken the reigns of the dunk tank.

“I understand the premise of the dunk,” Jones said. “You’re trying to coax people to come over. I felt the comments were disrespectful as well as racist.”

Copyright 2014 ABC News

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