California Moviegoers Bit By Bed Bugs in Theater

(CNN) – Families expect to come home from the movies with laughs and smiles after spending an evening together over a good film.

That wasn’t the case for several people who went to a Lodi, California movie theater, who all came home with several bug bites all over their bodies.

“My niece and her friend went to the movies Friday night and the next morning, they woke up and we didn’t know what it was at first,” Matthew Wendt said to CNN affiliate KCRA.

Wendt’s niece said that she was “feeling a bit itchy” during the movie and woke up the next morning with numerous bug bites on her body.

Once the discovery was made, Wendt said he went to theater management but claims that the manager didn’t take his claim seriously and offered movie tickets as compensation for the incident.

“I kind of took [the movie tickets] as disrespectful, since my niece has to go through having all those bites on her body and possibly brought them to my home,” Wendt said. “We have a 4-month-old son. We are really worried about him getting the bites. Maybe our house was infested.”

He added that the theater did not take action on the incident until his post on their Facebook page gained traction over the weekend.

The post made to Lodi Stadium 12’s Facebook page showing the red bites on his niece’s back was shared over 650 times with over 200 comments.

“Our customers are our first priority so we acted as quickly as possible to identify any environmental concerns that may exist,” said management on the theatre’s Facebook page. “We immediately closed the Auditorium in question to investigate, and as a further precaution, closed the entire theater on Sunday to allow for a more thorough inspection.”

In addition, management said through social media that they had “a professional extermination team” come in and inspect the entire theater and found that there was “limited evidence of insect activity in a few auditoriums” and they taking steps to fix the issue.

The theater was closed Sunday and Monday.

“We are committed to providing a healthy and fun environment in which our customers can enjoy their entertainment experience to the fullest. We take any concerns that are brought to our attention very seriously and we look forward to enjoying the movies with you very soon,” the theater said on their Facebook page.

They are expected to reopen to the public this week.

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