Do You Have a Back to School Health Checklist?

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Backpacks, notebooks and pencils. You are getting your child ready for class, but have you even thought of a back to school health checklist?

Here are recommendations from doctors at Patient First:

1. Call your child’s school and ask about required immunizations. Not getting the right shots could delay a student’s first day.

2. Your child’s doctor should perform a school physical. This physical can help identify any hearing and vision issues that could affect learning.

3. Talk with your children about germs and how they spread. Good hand washing with soap and water can help to prevent illnesses.

4. If they do get sick, have a childcare plan in place. You should keep them home from school, especially if they have a fever.  “Usually with a fever, it’s a good tip off there’s some kind of an infection going on in your child, either a viral thing or a bacterial thing,” says Dr. Scott Greenfield, Medical Director of Patient First, Midlothian.

5. Children fall out of their school day routine during summer vacation. Don’t wait until the night before school begins to get back into an earlier sleep schedule.  Ease them into it over several days.

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