Area Community Center Hit By Theives

The Neighborhood Resource Center in Fulton Hill which relies on donations and grants is crying foul center was robbed of its sport equipment.

Cheryl Goce-Wright, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Resource Center, said that they have a basketball but no hoop. Thieves cut the lock on their fence around the play area and swiped the center’s adjustable hoop., a mark in the dirt where they must of dragged it out.

“We didn’t even notice till the kids were here and they went outside and they were like where’s the basketball hoop.” Says Goce-Wright

The brand new hoop was recently donated to the center. Basketball hoops can cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000.

“We were just so upset, mad,” she said. “I mean we are here for the community we are here to provide resources and you just don’t think that people would come and take from those resources from the very people that we serve and for that matter it’s the kids.”

It’s not just sports at the Neighborhood Resource Center. The center provides free after school care for kids keeping them safe and off the streets. They get a hot meal. They offer cooking classes and for students with a musical interest they have a full-fledged recording studio.

All of it is only possible through donations and grants, meaning there’s no extra cash to replace the stolen hoop.

“Every dollar counts yeah that’s not something that we can replace it’s not in the budget,” says Goce-Wright.

Someone has stepped in and offered the center a used hoop.

The center is also getting ready to fill backpacks for students heading back to school so they’re also in need of school supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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