Prayer Vigil Held In Richmond for Missouri Teenager

Nearly 50 people gathered at Monroe Park Wednesday night for a prayer vigil in honor of Missiouri teenager Michael Brown. .

Organizers of the event say when they heard about what happened in Ferguson, they knew they needed to do something.

Holding hands…with heads bowed…nearly 50 people pray for justice.

“I was just here for Trayvon,” said Richmond City Council Member Michelle Mosby. “Now I’m here again for this young man.”

Mosby told attendees that what happened in Missouri should be a big wake up call.

“We need to stand up and get out and begin to help make policy,” said Mosby. “Make policy that’s going to change lives for the good, for us, and for all people.”

While no one at the vigil knew Michael Brown, many say it feels like they lost a family member.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” said Charles Jones. “It’s shocking, it’s very sad, and I just hope we can put a stop to this.”

While the group may not affect the situation in Missouri, Mosby says people have the power to change things here.

“Don’t come argumentative cause that’s not gonna get you anywhere,” said Mosby. “Come with a plank, with some peace, so that we can get some things done.”

Event organizers stress they aren’t taking a stand for or against what took place in Missouri and they’re waiting for all the facts.

A separate rally and march for Michael brown is set for Sunday, August 17 at Monroe Park. It’s scheduled to begin at 4:30pm.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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