Tuckahoe Little League Team Rallies to Victory

A local baseball team is one win away from a spot in the Little League World Series.

The Tuckahoe American All Stars made a dramatic comeback last night in the last inning of the game to keep their dream alive. The team was down give runs and had two outs when it rallied back for a win.

Today at Tuckahoe Little League, on the very fields where they all stars play, we found a group of boys mesmerized but what they saw on national TV.

“I watched the game a long time and I was like uh oh, they’re gonna lose and then they started getting points and I was like how can they do this,” said 9-year-old Ryder Warren. “It’s really cool,” he added, “I play here and they did. It feels like I’m a part of their team.”

Hardy Greene knows one of the players on the team. “It’s my little league that I play at so I was excited when I heard the news that they won,” he said.

There are signs popping up across town in support of the team. Two middle schools changed their signs rooting on students who are on the All Star team.

Tuckahoe plays Tennessee tomorrow night. If they win the game, the boys will be on their way to the Little League World Series.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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