Popular Dating App Becomes Dog Adoption Central

NEW YORK, Ny. (CNN) – In an age where you can buy so many products at the click of a mouse or meet new people just by reading a few passages on a dating site, one popular mobile app is using their large base of users to move into a new venture: dog adoptions.

Tinder, a popular dating app for mobile devices where users can meet people, has launched a new branch to their app, finding homes for rescue does.

User can simply swipe yes on a picture of a puppy that they like and it will send them a link to the nonprofit organization that rescued the dog. Once there, they will get information on what they have to do to adopt the puppy and volunteer at the shelter.

The adoptions do offer both short and long-term adoptions, where people can foster one of the dogs for up to two weeks or they can permanently give the dog a brand-new home.

Or if you don’t want to adopt at all, you can simply take a dog for a walk or volunteer at the shelter.

The project was created by interns at The Barn, a program of the BBH, a brand agency. The program was also responsible for the Underheard in New York initiative, which gave phones and Twitter accounts to homeless people in the city, and the Cronut Project, which coordinated donations to the Food Bank For New York City.

“We wanted to do something good and beneficial that made an impact,” said Alexis Mood, one of the interns on the project.

The group said that since the accounts were created last Thursday, they have generated over 2,000 matches.

One of the 10 dogs on Tinder has already found a permanent home and the group said that more profiles will be added to the app soon. Tinder has not commented on the new use for the app.

“People are on Tinder looking for love, and these dogs have a lot of love to give,” said Mood.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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