Teens In Prince Edward Escape Attempt Receive Additional Charges

PRINCE EDWARD CO., Va (WRIC) – Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Department officials told media Monday that two teenagers who escaped the Piedmont Juvenile Detention Center in the county and a third that was captured before making it out of the facility are now facing additional charges for their escape attempt over the weekend.

Lieutenant Richard Hurak of the department said that three male juveniles attempted to escape the facility in the early morning hours of August 2. Two of the teens were able to elude officials while a third was detained before he could flee.

Hurak added that it appears the escape attempt was planned and that force was used to initiate it.

The two juveniles were only on the run for a few hours on Saturday after being apprehended by searchers just after 12:30 p.m.

Deputies from Prince Edward County were joined by the Farmville Police Department, Virginia State Police, the Virginia Department of Corrections, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Conservation and Recreation Police, and the Longwood University Police in their effort to place the teenagers back under arrest.

One of the juveniles has been charged with escape, conspiracy to escape, and conspiracy to commit felony assault and battery. The second male escapee received similar charges, with an additional felony assault and battery charge.

Both of the male juveniles who escaped have also been charged with breaking and entering and grand larceny after they allegedly broke into a residence in the county.

The third teenager has been charged with attempted escape, conspiracy to escape, and felony assault and battery.

Prince Edward County officials said they received calls and tips during their search and were thankful to citizens for aiding in the search for the two men.

“I want to thank the citizens of Prince Edward County for reporting suspicious people and/or activity during this incident,” said Prince Edward County Sheriff Wesley W. Reed. “It is important for us to have involvement from the community.”

All three remain in police custody at the detention center in the county.

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