Cross Country Run: Runner Raises Awareness For Veteran’s Issues

Anna Judd is running across the United States to raise awareness about the problems veterans are facing in the US.

She will be running into Richmond on Saturday, (Aug. 2).  She is on the home stretch. She has run 2800 miles and has 400 left to go until she gets to New York.

She has a huge following and has inspired thousands to get more active in their communities. She has met and run with veterans and civilians from all over the country, in an inspiring show of support and solidarity.

Here is her schedule for today:

Run start time (From Chesterfield): 6am

Break: US VA Hospital to meet with patients and staff until 4pm

Hospital Visit: Visit to McGuire VA Hospital- will be on site from 12pm- 6pm

Group run: (starting from VA Hospital) 6pm- 7:30pm, ending at Gus’s Bar & Grill

She will leading a group run from the VA Hospital to Gus’s Bar and Grill at 6 pm– local runners and veterans are encouraged to join her.

Stay with 8News for further updates.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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