Petersburg Family Says They Suffered Police Brutality

A video emerging depicting a scuffle between police and two residents that occurred in a Petersburg neighborhood is creating a stir.

Debra Fisher’s lawyers announced Monday that they would be suing police after the incident.

The video shows the fight, which took place April 10, when Debra Fisher and her son were arrested for interfering with police and obstruction of justice.

While neighbors were being arrested on Fisher’s block, her 17-year-old son went to film the arrest. Fisher says police saw her son was recording while she rushed to get him inside their home. She says as soon as police noticed her son filming the scene, the cops quickly came after the two of them.

“I don’t know where the third officer came from, he just came and started grabbing. Hopped across the rail from the back, and grabbed me pulled me across the rail,” Fisher said. “All I was trying to do is get him in the house.”

Fisher’s lawyer has experience dealing with these cases. Malik Shabazz also represents Devin Thomas, another Petersburg man who was arrested and charged after he too recorded police.

Two weeks ago, Petersburg Police Chief John Dixon commented on the accusations that his department was abusing power.

“Looking at how we can look at and not saying that anything was done wrong but anytime you have any kinds of incidents come up, we need to evaluate it. We look at training, officer response. We look at community response. We look at community relationships. So all of these are things being considered how can we make a better step.”

The department has yet to comment on the newest lawsuit against them. Shabazz said it would be filed within 30 days.

Stay with WRIC 8News for updates on this developing story.

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