New CoolSculpting Procedure Targets Stubborn Saddlebags

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – It’s bathing suit season. How would you like to get rid of your saddlebags? That’s the stubborn fat on the outer thighs.

“No matter how much I exercise. I don’t care how many leg lifts I do, what I do that fat never goes away,” says Rebecca Donceel. The 53-year-old mother or two is tired of not getting results on her saddlebags with exercise, so now she is fighting back with CoolSculpting. The non-invasive procedure was FDA approved about four years ago for belly fat, but now there is a way to treat the outer, upper thighs too.

“You literally just lay there, and it’s feels like a bit of cold applicator going on your thighs, no pain, no real discomfort,” explains Dr. Reps Sundin of Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery. He says the machine destroys fat cells by freezing them. Once the paddle is on, it does all the work over a few hours.

“After about ten minutes I feel nothing. Just sitting here,” says Donceel. “Two hours, here, two hours here,” she points to both of her thighs. “I’m four hours away, but yeah, it should be good.”

Dr. Sundin says some patients are tender or notice tingling post-procedure, but most of the time those side effects fade in hours or days. He also points out the full results are not immediate. It typically takes three to four months for the body to eliminate all the targeted cells. In the end, most patients see a 25% reduction in fat after just one treatment and no down time.

“No one’s got time to take off work in this economy. No one wants to go to surgery,” says Dr. Sundin as he explains why more patients are choosing CoolSculpting over a more traditional procedure like Liposuction. “People all want to look better.”

Donceel is confident she will. She got CoolSculpting on her abdomen a couple years ago and still loves what she sees. She cannot wait to see what her thighs look like after freezing the fat away. “I’m, like excited. Yeah.”

CoolSculpting costs $1,400 for both thighs, and Dr. Sundin says most patients opt for one or two treatments. It’s only been out for a few years, but so far so good. Research has found the fat loss is permanent if you maintain your weight within a reasonable range.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond


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