VMFA African American Exhibit Draws 15,000 Visitors; Closes This Weekend

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – In April, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts debuted it Posing Beauty in African American Culture exhibit.

Now three months later, the exhibit will move to another location, but officials are very pleased with the success thus far.

15,000 people have visited the exhibit and officials believe the number will grow to 20,000 by Sunday, July 27th.

Dr. Deborah Willis is the curator for the exhibit. Dr. Willis’ has always focused on highlighting the transformation of African American photography over the centuries.

Robin Nicholson, the deputy director for art and education at the museum spoke about the importance of the exhibit, and others like it.

“I think it really opens people’s eyes to the changing ways in which people of African American background are being portrayed, particularly by photographers, but also by film makers and contemporary artists,” says Nicholson.

There are hundreds of photos in the exhibit, broken up into three different sections. Among the photos’ subjects are celebrities like Denzel Washington, First Lady, Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, and everyday people conducting normal activities.

“I think this is a great opportunity to see some work by photographers who were really marginalized by society because of their African American background, really being brought to the fore and seeing they were producing really amazing work which was as good as anything else being produced at the time,” says Nicholson.

The museum wants to expand its audience and draw more minority groups. The goal is to showcase more diverse exhibits in the future.

“Our goal is to serve every community in Virginia and across the world. Historically, art museums have not been good at doing that, and so this is an opportunity for us to continue moving in that direction,” says Nicholson.

The Posing Beauty in African American Culture exhibit closes Sunday, July 27th. Admission will be free on Thursday, July 24th.

There may be a fee for admission if patrons attend the exhibit on any day other than Thursday.

Adults pay $10. Seniors, 65 and older, youth 7 to 17 and students with ID will pay $8.00. Admission is free for all VMFA members, active duty military and children under 6.

To visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts website, click here.

Copyright 2014 by young Broadcasting of Richmond


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