City Unveils Proposal for Safer Floyd Avenue Bike Routes

 RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – The city of Richmond introduced proposed plans to make Floyd Avenue more biker and walker friendly.

Three city council members were present at the meeting at the Virginia Historical Society Tuesday evening.

More then 300 residents attended the meeting, as the city unveiled results of a study. One option of the plan includes putting circles at certain intersections on Floyd Avenue between Laurel Street and Thompson Street. A second option includes forcing traffic to turn at certain intersections along that two mile stretch.

Some residents and cyclists who were present at the meeting did not like the plan because they wanted to see full bike lanes.

“It seems like there are lot of people who are short sighted that do not want to acknowledge the current research that shows that modern cities, modern towns have bike lanes,” says Whit Brooks.

During the presentation, officials explained full bike lanes were not a good option, because parking would either have to be removed, or two way traffic would be restricted on certain parts of Floyd Avenue.

There were other attendees in the meeting who praised the compromise.

“I do think this is a good compromise,” says Ethan Lindbloom.” I ride my bike from the Museum District downtown, and I’ll definitely take Floyd now.”

City Council President, Charles Samuels told attendees that there is still time to voice their opinions on the plan. You may submit an email to

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