Cameron Gallagher’s Parents Learn Cause of Teen’s Death

 Almost four months later, David and Grace Gallagher now know what caused the death of their 16-year-old daughter Cameron Gallagher: A heart condition called cardiac arrhythmia.

“Which is a condition where the electrical impulses in your heart stop. And that happened right after the race,” said David Gallagher.

Cameron had just completed the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach when she suddenly collapsed. She later died in the hospital.

“Grace and I are convinced that this was something of a freak occurrence because of Cameron’s long, athletic background.”

Cameron played basketball as a kid, ran with her family, and as a teen–competed on a swim team.

“And really had no symptoms of any heart conditions.”

In fact, her parents say Cameron had been tested about a year before for any heart conditions…and everything came back fine.

“We’re shocked by this, it’s probably the big thing because of Cameron’s athletic history.”

Now, the family wants to get some genetic testing done to see what could’ve led to the cardiac arrhythmia.

“And the reason we want to do that, is to see if our other children might have any type of condition that they need to be aware of,” said David Gallagher.

In Cameron’s honor, there will be a SpeakUp 5K race in Richmond on September 6. It’s at The Carillon, and it will benefit the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation.

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