3D Mammograms Discovering Breast Cancer Earlier

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A new study out this week says 3D mammograms find breast cancer earlier than traditional screenings, and this technology is already helping patients here in Richmond.

Lisa Hargrave went to Johnston Willis Hospital for her annual mammogram today. “That’s the one thing my mother instilled in me. You get that done every year,” she says a few moments before she gets the 3D scan for the first time.

About sixty images are captured as the camera makes an arc. They are then reviewed in slow motion videos.

“Not only are cancers being detected earlier, but it’s the invasive, the more deadly cancers that are being found at a 25% increase rate,” explains Dr. Jacquelyn Hogge of Radiology Associates of Richmond.

Dr. Hogge says just a few days ago, she found a tumor in a woman who came in with no problems. She adds that 3D mammograms are also lowering the number of false positives and repeat screenings.

“Women we call back for a density that we can’t, we’re just wondering maybe there’s something there, maybe there isn’t, it decreases those calls.”

She says it can provide peace of mind, and it “gets rid of the worry for those false ones that it’s hard to get over sometimes.”

Hargrave says it doesn’t feel any different than any other mammogram she has had before. There’s just the usual pinching and tightness, and she appreciates the added health benefits. “That little pinpoint. That’s amazing.”

Dr. Hogge expects 3D mammograms to be the standard one day, but they are still relatively new. For now, her practice is not charging any more than it does for a traditional scan, so she welcomes potential patients to talk with their doctors or insurance companies to see if it’s an option.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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