Kitten Stranded on I-95 Pillar Rescued, Adopted by Officer

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On Monday, Richmond Police and Richmond Fire rescued a kitten that had become stranded on a 75-foot pillar supporting Interstate 95 near Main Street Station in downtown Richmond.

Police said someone near the train station heard the kitten meowing and found it on the pillar. That person promptly contacted the authorities.

First Precinct Officer Kelly Morley, who is known in the department for her love of cats, tried to rescue the kitten from above with assistance from fellow officers, but was out of reach.

Police then called for help from the Richmond Fire Department. The 75-foot ladder was barely tall enough to reach the top of the pillar according to authorities. Firefighter Betty Migliaccio climbed to the top and safely rescued the kitten.

The kitten is barely four weeks old, but is now in the care of Richmond Animal Care and Control. Police said Officer Morley already plans to adopt him when he’s old enough to leave the shelter.

On Thursday, Morley has named the kitten Little 95 Morley.

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