8News Daytrippers: Sandy River Retreat

Just an hour drive from Richmond will take you here to Rice, Virginia, home of Sandy River Retreat.

It’s an adventure park, which means you can step out of your comfort zone and try something brand new, like the 61 obstacle high ropes course or one of the 17 zip line courses.

“We built the park in 2012 and we have every year expanded in the number of obstacles,” says owner Candice Smith. “You have a three hour pass to climb in the trees. We have a combination of obstacles like tight rope walking, swinging bridges and zip lines. You get the reward of the zip line, but you got to cross the bridge first before you do it!”

If teetering on a thin wire or wobbling on wooden planks dozens of feet above the ground aren’t your fancy there is plenty more to do here – like renting canoes and kayaks to take the family on a nice trip along the Appomattox River which isn’t too far. Or you could rent an authentic log cabin, fully furnished for the weekend and get a feel for the outdoors.

“The most popular trail is probably the long green,” says staff member Katie Jamrozy. “It’s the most used. We get the most people out on it. The Black Diamond is the one people want to do the most; they like that stigma that goes with it.”

Sandy River Retreat is open for its second full season and in the coming months even more obstacles and more adventure will be added to take your visit to the next level, so be sure to check them out.

For more information, go to theoutdooradventurepark.com.

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