Two Brothers Praised for Trying to Save Neighbors

Two Chesterfield brothers being praised for their heroic actions are speaking after they tried to save their neighbors.
Police say 35-year-old Barry Jernigan, who went by Chris, shot his two year old son Seth, 9-year-old stepdaughter Alexis Kellas, and wife Renotta.  He then killed himself.

Monday night there was a growing memorial on the front porch of the Fox Maple Terrace home where the crime happened.  All night people dropped off flowers and balloons…including neighbors Harry and Gary Nguyen.  

“[Gary] said he heard a couple faint shots and I heard a loud ‘kaboom,'” said Harry Nguyen.

After hearing the shots, the Nguyen brothers ran to help.  Gary said Renotta was lying on the front lawn and he started CPR.

“A few minutes later, an RN came down the street and assisted me with the CPR,” said Harry.

Meanwhile, Gary went inside.  He says Chris was dead in the hall next to a gun and in the nursery in his crib was little Seth.

“When I came in, his face was blue,” said Gary Nguyen.  “It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.  It made my heart broken.”

The brothers say police arrived quickly.  Now, as they’ve had time  to think about what happened, they remember their last conversation with Chris on Sunday afternoon.

“I see him as I was reparking my boat,” said Harry. “I said, ‘Hey Chris, Happy Father’s Day.'”  He approached me like normal – nothing was wrong.”

What was wrong, we may never know.  But these two brothers, who tried to save their neighbors, say they’ll never be the same.

“Just hope a lot of people are out there praying for them,” said Harry. “Give them strength as they were a very good family.”

Sunday afternoon Renotta wrote on her husband’s Facebook page:  “Happy Father’s Day.  You are the best daddy our kids could ever ask for. Thank you for loving these kids more than you love yourself.”

Chris responded: “Thank You.”

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