Matoaca Student Uses Poetry To Lift Up Others

Teens are all over social media these days, and parents are very concerned about what their children share with the world. But there are also many teens who use social media in a positive way, encouraging their peers.

Tyrell Ford is a 17-year-old Matoaca High School student and he uses poetry to lift up others.

Ford doesn’t have a title for all of his poems, but for some, he simply categorizes them as good or bad poems.

He says the following lines were taken from one of his good poems.

“Change is all in the mind, you think you can’t, but just  keep trying, trust and believe and trust to stop relying.
You are not alone, nor are you defying, take one step, although change may be far, realize the depth of who you are.
You are one person, not the nay saying camp, you are in charge of change, so rethink and revamp.”

Ford shares his poems to thousands of people who follow him on social media. He has more than 3,600 friends on Facebook, and more than 14,000 followers on Instagram.

“They tell me that if I don’t post what I post, they would probably be in the same situation as my bad poems,” says Ford.

Ford has had some issues at school, and during that difficult time, he wrote many of his sad poems.

One reads. “I see the world differently because it’s the same, you live, you laugh and then you die in pain.”

“Like I said, that was a very sad moment in my life,” says Ford.  “But it’s amazing because it’s then, and if you look at me you, you’re like, are you sure that was you?”

“It’s another thing that keeps me going in this direction is that I’m helping other people,” says Ford. “I feel like if you don’t have some sort of downfall in order to get back up, don’t think you can truly connect with people on that level.”

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