Goats Let Loose in Chimborazo Park

Richmond’s getting a reputation as great city for restaurants. But there’s something on the menu in Church Hill that you definitely don’t want to try – unless you’re a goat.

Since Tropical Storm Gaston, lower Chimborazo Park has been overgrown with kudzu, an invasive weed that’s been tough for residents to swallow. But these guys love it.

 “What we have is goats who eat almost anything and love kudzu,” says John Sydnor of the Enrichmond Foundation.

The Goatbusters as they’re known, are Mother Nature’s bushhog. In the next week or so, 40 to 60 goats will clear this area to the ground – even the poison ivy.

“Clearing it and fertilizing it at the same time,” Sydnor says.
And the second part is important. Once the goatscaping is complete, trees will be planted here for an urban orchard.

Using animals instead of men and machines is very cost effective and environmentally friendly.

“It may be a good example of other projects we can do in the city as well.”

Funding for the project comes from three sources:    

“One is the State Department of Urban Forestry, second is our Kickstarter campaign, which we partnered with the Martin Agency which was also a great, successful effort,” Sydnor says. “And third is donations in support of our efforts here in Richmond.”

The Enrichmond Foundation, which is dedicated to improving city parks and public space, suggested the goats.

“It’s been very positive. We’ve been excited about how people are backing it and looking forward to seeing the goats and their kids doing this great work for the city, basically at no cost.”

And if this project goes as planned, the Goatbusters may be coming to a park near you.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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