GM Recalls Affecting Local Drivers

218,000 more cars were added to the GM recall list Wednesday, bringing the number of cars the manufacture says are faulty to some 13.8 million vehicles.

With all these recalls many people in Richmond are having a hard time getting their recalled car fixed.

Amber Lackey bought her 2006 Chevy Cobalt several years ago. The car was hers and her fiance’s first major purchase together. The problem is the car just won’t stay running.

Her car has cut off in the middle of traffic at least seven times, which put both her and her young daughter in a very dangerous and potentially deadly situation.

“I panic,” she says. “It’s been cutting off. Even when I come to a complete stop it will cut off on me.”

Lackey says she has dealt with the problem long before the recall was ever issued.

“It’s been about a year since I’ve had this problem with the car keeps cutting off.”

The other problem for Lackey is getting the issue fixed. She says she has been waiting for a month for the repair to happen.

Craig Strosnider from Strosnider Chevrolet in Hopewell says their wait list is growing longer by the day.

“I want to say we’re currently at about 38, and three go away about every other day,” he says.

He says GM is only able to ship roughly three of the new parts every other day. Roughly in that same time frame, he usually receives eight more cars needing the repair. He says despite the wait, it’s worth it to get your car to a dealership as quickly as possible.

“General Motors will work with you and put you in a rental car for the time to ensure your safety.”

The quicker you can get your car to a dealership the better. Other dealerships we spoke with say they have wait lists that exceed 300 parts that they are waiting to come in.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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