Food Theft from Richmond School Raises Child Hunger Concerns

Three teens were arrested for breaking into a Richmond school and stealing food.

Police can’t confirm if the kids broke into Fairfield Court Elementary School because they were hungry, but experts say the amount of children that go hungry in the area is alarming.

In Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield, the number of children that go without food is more than 28,000.

“Unfortunately so many families are working trying to make ends meet and food is one of those items are so many families consider a luxury because they have to pay their rent or keep the power on,” says Hope Kestle of FeedMore.

FeedMore is one of those organizations that’s working tirelessly to make sure that no one –  adults or kids – go hungry. The group delivers meals to people who are shut in and they provide meals for kids after school lets out when there’s may be no food at home.

“Some kids are not exposed to what fresh broccoli tastes like,” Kestle says.

And now that the school year is about to end, the organization is working to feed kids during the summer as well.

“Children know that they could drop in on any of these sites and have a breakfast or have a lunch,” Kestle says.

For all the services FeedMore offers, go to

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