More Than 100 Vases Go Missing From Local Cemetery

It was supposed to be a tranquil evening where Mike Kirkland paid a visit to his father’s final resting place at Dale Memorial Cemetery in Chesterfield.

When he got there, he discovered someone took the brass vase mounted on top of his father’s head stone. He even double checked the area to make sure because he just couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah there’s nothing down there and they ruptured it good,” he says. “They took the flowers too.”

 “It’s kinda concerning…like what in the world is going on that people would be stealing that?” he says. “Never thought I would see the sort of thing happen here at Dale Memorial. I don’t blame them as much as the fools that would do such things.”

Within the last month, the cemetery noticed more than 100 vases missing, but they can’t prove they were actually stolen.

“They did find that some vases appeared to be missing, so we are really aggressively monitoring the situation,” says Jerri Ann Lewis of Dale Memorial Park. “And I’ve told my maintenance superintendent if it looks like stuff if missing, we need to call the police.”

The brass vases can be melted down and valuable metals can be extracted and sold. The cemetery ordered more, so family members will not have to replace them, but all Kirkland can think about is that it’s sad it’s come to this.

“Messing with peoples graves… I believe that’s a pretty heinous offense.”

If you know someone lugging vases to a recycling plant to sell them, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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