Va. Couple Has Car Stolen Along with Baby’s Ashes

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oka. (WRIC) – A Virginia couple already down on their luck is facing another hardship after stopping in Oklahoma while moving to Texas.

Someone stole their car with everything they own still inside and one of the things that was inside – the ashes of their late son – cannot be replaced.

Melissa and Roger Brown were panhandling in the area trying to scrape up enough money to get them back on the road. But they don’t want to leave here without the ashes of their late son.

“We don’t know what to do from here,” Melissa says.

She says they’ve had a long streak of bad luck including losing their home, their jobs and then their unborn baby.

“Things have steadily gone downhill from there,” she says.

The Virginia couple loaded up their car – with everything they owned – and headed west to Amarillo. But plans for a fresh start quickly came to a stop near I-40 and MacArthur in Oklahoma City on Saturday.

The Browns parked their car at a nearby business and got a hotel for the night. The next day it was gone.

“When they stole my car, they basically stole my life.”

When she reported the car stolen, she says police warned her about gypsy tow trucks – criminals who haul off abandoned cars to cash in on the scrap metal. The couple is pleading with the thieves to salvage and return her most important possession – a box of her stillborn baby’s ashes, pictures, and other mementos.

“It feels like i just lost my baby all over again,” Melissa says. “It makes me nauseous to think that some ignorant criminal has my son’s remains and doesn’t know how precious and how much they mean to me.”

The couple is asking everyone to keep an eye out for their white Ford Taurus with Nebraska plates. If you have any information about the car’s whereabouts call Crime Stoppers at 235-7300.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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