Mayor Jones, City Council Agree on Budget, No Word on Shockoe Ballpark

Richmond City Council member learned a few new details of Mayor Dwight Jones Shockoe Bottom ballpark and development plan Monday night but a lot of questions still remain.

“We’re waiting to hear the specifics,” said council member Jon Baliles.  “We’ll make sure we get those over the next couple of weeks…probably even months.”

Earlier this year, the Jones administration promised to release the details by the end of March. Then the public was told they would be out by Monday night.

Some people showed up with signs and demanded to know the proposed plans.

“Please immediately release the current and complete iteration of the Shockoe stadium proposal,” said one concerned citizen.

City Administrative Officer Byron Marshall spoke with Council briefly on Monday afternoon but provided few very details before going into closed executive session.

“There’s no final plan out there right now,” said city council president Charles Samuels.

While no plans are out, City Council and Mayor Jones have reached an agreement over a controversial budget issue after members voted to take $12 million away from Shockoe infrastructure improvement.

“Some of the surplus funds are being used to restore some but not all of the money for the Shockoe plan should it go forward,” said Baliles.

No word on if the plan will go forward, what it is or when it will be released.

“We need to see the plan in order to make a decision,” said Samuels.  “We’re closer to seeing a plan than we’ve been in the past.”

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