Do They Work? Customized Prescription Scar Creams

Some say it’s a wonder cream. A magic “potion” that’s customized and  appears to be getting some fantastic results when it comes to erasing scars, wrinkles and those ugly stretch marks after pregnancy.

But does it really work?

Jolie Bonser has always been active and works hard to keep herself in shape. 

But as the mom of two young kids, she has what so many women get after having babies – stretch marks that she’s just learned to live with.

“Nothing seems to work over the counter,” she says. “I’m sure I’ve tried so many things. And of course nothing works. I have two beautiful kids to show for them and I’m just moving on with it.”

But now, there’s something much better on the market than the tried and true cocoa butter. With a doctor’s prescription, pharmacists can mix a PracaSil-Plus cream made with a silicone base. 

Baylor Rice opened South River Compounding Pharmacy 16 years ago and says he’s seen terrific results on some pretty serious skin issues.

“It’s infused with something called procomac oil from the Amazon that has healing properties. It’s nice so we’ve got some healing with the silicon helping with the scars.

Rice says keloids, wrinkles, wounds from burns and stretch marks have all seen some fantastic results.

“We’re seeing it with scars 10, 20 years old,” he says. “And that’s really kind of neat. And within a pretty quick time period. Older scars about 30 days… newer scars… it’s amazing. Within a week, you can really start seeing the color differences, size difference as well as the redness.”

In before and after pictures, it appears there is some remarkable healing and transformation after using the specialized cream twice a day.  It is mixed according to a patient’s needs.  But rice is quick to stress, it’s not a universal product.

“It’s not like we do one big batch and it’s one cream for all,” he says. “It’s really for each individual patient. We look at the dynamics of the scar and incorporate the medicines into that that the patients going to need.”

Bonser says the PracaSil-Plus cream has definitely piqued her interest.

“I would love to try it,” she says. “Like I said, I’ve tried everything so to hear that there’s something out there that could work is amazing.”

The cream is only available with a prescription and pharmacists work closely with doctors to get the best results.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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