Area Roads Face Flooding Dangers

After Wednesday’s severe weather, massive pools of water are left in the roads and downed trees can be found everywhere.
Many drivers needed a refresher on how to handle their car because water in so many places covered the roads.

“There’s an old saying, ‘turn around, don’t drown,’ says AAA spokesperson Tammy Gobert. “It’s a very simple concept.”

Parsons Road Bridge in Hanover County was closed while the road by Locust Creek was eaten away by water extending its banks. And in Goochland, there were some scary skies overhead.

As the weather clears, AAA reminds motorists to drive carefully. It will take some time for all this water to find its way off the roadways.

“Rising water that’s 18 inches or higher can sweep a car away. So again if you don’t know how deep that water is you could easily and be in a very dangerous situation,” Gobert says.

AAA also says cars can hydroplane no matter how fast or slow you’re going.
Hanover County has also released a list of road closures. Please avoid these areas and take an alternate route until they are deemed safe for travel.

Taylorsville Road (between Binns Road and Old Ridge Road)
Bethany Church Road near Taylors Creek Road
Bethany Church Road near Wedged Stone Drive
Bourne Road near Taylors Creek Road
Bradford Cottage Drive (Covenant Woods)
Caroline Street
Clazemont Road near Taylors Creek Road
Georgetown Road at Crump Creek
Goshen Road near Fulchers Mill Lane
Goshen Road near Little River
Goshen Road near Terry Road
Gun Barrel Road near Mableton
Medical Drive near Thompson Street
Mount Hermon Road near Glen Carrie Road/Mechumps Creek
Parsons Road near Beaverdam Road
Spring Road at South Anna River
15232 Woodman Hall Road near Connie Hall
16109 Woodman Hall Road

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