Proposed High-Rise Sparks Debate In Richmond

A proposed high-rise condominium building sparked heated debate in a Richmond Planning Commission meeting Monday; supporters say the building will add to Richmond’s beauty while opponents say it will detract from it.

At the Richmond Planning Commission meeting Monday, there was standing room only, as dozens of people from both sides of the argument turned out to voice their opinions. Views varied on whether the condominium building will be good for Richmond’s future.

“Cities need to have not only a view of nature, but exciting architecture as well,” said one resident in favor of constructing the building. Others were staunchly opposed to the idea.
“The most obvious opposition I think is what it does to the view. What it does to this historic, sweeping view.”

The building is proposed to be built along the James River, where many say it will block the view that helped name Richmond: In the 1700s, William Byrd II said the view from that area resembled the view from his childhood in Richmond Hill, England. 

Some residents are afraid it will mar the beauty of Richmond’s riverfront scenery.”But to choose to put the high rise exactly where it would take the view from the masses, all the people who have enjoyed it so much and hand it over to a few, it just doesn’t make sense.”

The Richmond Planning Committee approved the proposal; it how heads to Richmond City Council on April 28.

Stay with ABC 8News for updates.

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