Parents Petition for Money to be Kept in Richmond Schools

Parents outraged with possible budget cuts to Richmond Public Schools want $3.8 million set to disappear from the school system budget to stay where it is and are going online to petition.

The petition is addressed to every member of City Council and says, “Fully fund Richmond Public Schools by restoring funds cut by the mayor from the fiscal year 2015 budget.”

“I’m excited we have citizens that are engaged and involved,” says school board member Kim Gray.  “We have people that are involved at a greater level than ever before and we know that the students’ needs aren’t being met.”

Richmond Public Schools teachers haven’t received raises in nearly a decade, buildings are falling apart, programs are suffering and many believe money that was taken away when times were bad should be given back now. City Council members say they’ll continue to look at potential cuts and savings and stress that nothing is written in stone yet.

“It’s all about how much money you have and what the needs are and where you can spend it,” says City Council member Kathy Graziano.  “Clearly schools are important.  Clearly we need to better educate our children but there’s a long list of ‘clearly we need to.'”
City Council members have a few weeks until the budget becomes finalized.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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