GRTC Offers New Transfer Plaza

Changes are coming to several downtown GRTC bus routes when the city opens its first ever transfer plaza.

Beginning Sunday, the new transfer plaza runs along 9th Street near Leigh Street. Passengers will be able to transfer to 21 downtown routes from one location.

The idea is to help keep people from having to walk from one stop to another just to transfer routes.

“Yeah it’s a good thing as long as I don’t have to walk so far,” says GRTC rider Marjorie Peace. “Walking has become a major problem to me and I’m sure to others.”

GRTC estimates 5,000-8,000 riders will use the plaza each day. Most of the routes affected are the downtown ones. Passengers can get on and off where they do now, but the downtown routes will all go through the plaza – and could lead some confusion at first.

Many riders say they plan to just go with the flow.

“[I’m] not too worried about it,” says rider Sandra Hurdle. “As long as the bus is running, I’ll be alright.”

GRTC says they will have several ambassadors on site on Sunday and Monday to help people navigate the new sign here at the stop and make sure everyone gets on the right bus.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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