Police Search Suspect’s Home in Alexis Murphy Case

In a new development in the Alexis Murphy case, crews were out Monday searching near the suspect’s home for more clues in the 17-year-old’s disappearance.

Randy Taylor has been arrested and charged with the murder of Alexis Murphy. He’s the only one who has been arrested in this case and investigators returned to his home Monday looking for more clues.

No body has ever been found, but in January, the Nelson County Commonwealths Attorney announced Alexis Murphy was presumed dead and Randy Taylor was charged with murder.

The Nelson County Sheriff’s office, state police, and the FBI converged on Taylor’s property once again Monday, the first large-scale search in months.

Cary Bowen is a legal expert and a practicing attorney who is not involved in the Alexis Murphy case but says it is rare for investigators to be doing large scale searches like this just weeks before the trial.

“Sounds like something has been uncovered, or at least there has been a tip or an aerial photo of something that makes them think there is something out there,” he says.

Bowen says the nicer weather could also be contributing to the timing of this search.

“The weather has cleared up a lot recently,” he says. “And with infrared or with overhead surveillance methods they may have seen something there.”

Due to the gag order, authorities will not say what prompted the search or if anything was found at the property. However Bowen says if anything was found, it could lead to a continuance in this case.

“If it were a sweatshirt or a pistol or a body or anything, they are probably going to have to get a lab report.”
Randy Taylor’s trial is expected to start on May 1.

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