‘League of the South’ Rallies Against Same-Sex Marriage, LGBTQ Group Responds

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) – Members of the League of the South rallied in downtown Richmond Saturday.

“We want to stand up for traditional southern families. And we feel like the state government have betrayed the people of Virginia,” said Michael Cushmen, who helped organize the event.

Protestors were holding signs aimed at Attorney General Mark Herring, who earlier this year made a historic move as he spoke against Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage, calling the judge’s decision to rule the state ban unconstitutional, a major step for the commonwealth..

“The southern people are predominantly Christian people. We have Christian values, very traditional values. And it shouldn’t be up to one man–whoever that man may be–to dictate to millions of people what is a family,” said Cushman.

As a response, local supporters of same-sex marriage marched downtown with their own message.

“We don’t support racists, we don’t support homophobes. They should just go home,” said Kat McNeal, with the group Active-RVA.

Both peaceful demonstrations brought out dozens of people to let Virginians know someone is standing up for them.

“It’s not Mr. Herring. It’s not the federal judge who went against the wishes of the people of Virginia. It’s the League of the South,” said Cushman.

“It’s an issue of human rights. There’s no more to say,” said McNeal.

Copyright 2014 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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