Parking Permits a Possibility for Carytown

With constant traffic in Carytown, parking can be a challenge and residents are fed up with always fighting for a space.

“We’re having to park two, three, four blocks away just to unload our groceries to get into our home,” says resident Stephen Lackey.

Lackey says he loves living in the area but believes something needs to be done about parking.

“It’s putting the residents in a pinch where the businesses and the customers are now parking in front of our homes,” he says.

Lackey and his neighbors met with City Councilman Parker Agelasto Thursday night to find out how to fix the parking problems.  

“The mix of who’s parking and what they’re doing in Carytown — whether they’re retail or residential — has really changed in the past two to three years,” Agelasto says.

For instance, the number of restaurants has exploded so more people are visiting the area and staying longer. Add a movie at the Byrd Theatre and some shopping and someone could realistically be in Carytown for hours.

“It’s booming and that’s a great thing but at the same time we’ve gotta be mindful of kind of the capacity for parking,” Agelasto says.

A big option residents are now considering is a parking permit program.

Neighborhood associations would set the rules and if you don’t have a permit, you don’t park your car.

“I’m absolutely in favor of the permits,” Lackey says. “I think it’d be a great solution to getting some of the turnover so people are shopping and they’re leaving.”

Several requirements must be met for a permit program to be approved. The majority of homeowners would need to agree to it and then gather enough signatures to present the proposal to the city.

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